Sport Clear SPF 30
Sport Clear SPF 30
Sport Clear SPF 30
Sport Clear SPF 30

Sport Clear SPF 30 Lotion

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Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
Water resistant (80 min)

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Whichever outdoor activity you’re passionate about, Coppertone Sport SPF 30 Clear Sunscreen is on your team. Designed to stay on strong when you sweat, this high-performance sunscreen features a cool and hydrating formula.

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Coppertone Sport® Clear Sunscreen SPF 30 



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Steve W.
Pinnacle Of Clear Sunscreen
S. Florida prolific user of the Clear Sport 30 spf version of your Coopertone product line. Over the years, it has been consistently exceptional for hours of high level competitive hard court tennis in extreme heat/sun conditions. Unfortunately, the last 2 I purchased at a big box retailer must have been out of date or stored in a manner that negatively impacted product appearance and performance. Please stay on top of your transportation and retail vendors to insure proper handling and product aging prior to sale. Love the product, but logistics and/or old stock being sold negatively impacted a usual stellar performance experience

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Nancy B.
Review Panel Member
Attended a BBQ Cookoff in Washington, DC, last weekend and your Coppertone 30 Sports Gel was placed on the tables in the Sponsor VIP area. It was 88 degrees outside and I had no lotion on. WOW -- your Sports Gel felt great on my skin, was easy to apply, and most importantly, I did not burn, but rather had a beautiful tan at the end of the day. Can't ask for more. Loved it so much, I just purchased a 2-pack on Amazon. Thank you - Nancy

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The only sunscreen I want to use
Because it’s a gel, it goes on much easier than a lotion and has a cooling effect. I hate putting on lotions, so this is 200 times better. Stays on great and works perfectly as a sunscreen. It appears they aren’t making it anymore, so get it while you can. As far as negative reviews because of staining… that is something to know about, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

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How to

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Use and reapply as directed
Coppertone SPORT® Sunscreen Lotion

Stays on strong when you sweat
High performance, durable formulas with a light, breathable feeling on skin
Photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
Moisturizing formulas boost skin hydration
Does not affect your grip
Helps refuel skin with Vitamin E
Won’t cause breakouts or clog pores
Water resistant (80 minutes)